let's challenge to make Guinness world record together !!

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!!Please see the URL below for our current activity status!!

Do you like to join challenging Guiness world record by drawing pictures?
We are planning to gather more than 3,000 people to draw and try to make record about "the book which greatest number of painters are perticipated and produced in the world."
This is a voluntary project.

Basically, each painter draw one page of the picture and send it on-line.
The theme of the picture can be chosen from "Love," "Peace," "Friendship," "Courage," "Equality," and "Happiness."

If we can get more benefits than printing costs, we will donate to the "Medecins Sans Frontieres"

If you like to draw picture, please join us.
It doesn't matter you are Amateur or Professional.
The picture will be accepted by on-line only, so you need to have e-mail address.

If you don't like to draw but still interested in this project, please join us to run this project.
We don't have enough staffs yet.

We need your help!
If you have any question, please let us know.

Q1, Are you interested in joining Guinness project? *

Q2,If you answed yes in Q1, do you mind that we post your name on the list of staff or painter? or do you want to use Anonymity instead?

Even though you want to use anonumity, someone who know your tougch well might recognize you by watching picture.
Q3, If you answer yes in Q2, write your name and blog/site name that we can use for the painters/staffs list
Please write like "Blog name/Your HN"
Q4, We will got to make test book to analyze problems and improve, do you want to join?

The test book will be made before the Guinness project.
We printed 2 test book in 2009 and 2010 at the Comic Market76 and 78.
It is OK to join the Guinness project only.
Q5, If you quit before the project is done, are you allow us to treat your picture?

If you draw picture for test book, we won't use it for other purpose(We won't use for the Guinness project.)
If you draw picture for the Guinness project, we will use it only for the project.
We will write your name and blog name, and the copyright is still on you.
Q6, Please write your Blog/website URL
Q7, Please write your e-mail adress *
We will use it for announcement or notification.
If you don't write, we cannot contact you.
Q8, If you have any question, concen, or opinion. please let us know.

Thank you for fill out this form.

It will take time to replay, but if you don't get anything from us a week after you send this form, it is possible that we cannot get.
In this case, please send it again.
Otherwise, we will send you back in one week.

I am not native English speaker, so if you cannot understand, please ask us.

We hope you can enjoy.

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If you have trouble using this form, please send me e-mail.
Anthea: Project Staff